Corner between curtain wall and generic wall  

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I could arrange the corner between 2 curtain walls with the corner mullion, according to what was teached on unit 4 (module 4).

But when I have a generic 250mm wall and a curtain wall, although they do meet, they are not lined up - therefore the corner has a "T" shape.

Also, when I embedded a curtain wall into the end of a generic wall, so it would meet another curtain wall, the corner mullion didn't work. I got the following message:A Corner Mullion has been placed at the end of a Curtain Wall that is not joined to another Curtain Wall. The angle of the Corner Mullion will default to 90 degrees. 

How can I fix that? 


Posted : 07/09/2017 3:32 am Ian liked
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You can control the placement of the curtain panels with respect to the curtain wall centreline- it is a Type Parameter. This will allow you to line it up with adjacent standard walls- ie moving the panel line forward or backwards with respect to the line of the wall.

With regards your embedded corner conditions- this is a known issue. It is the embedding that is complicating things. Best workaround- create a custom mullion that is actually modelled for a corner condition. So you aren't really using a Revit Corner Mullion- you just model a standard one to bridge around the corner. Hope this makes sense?



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