Bay windows and Tudor gable timberwork  

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I'm a new-ish Revit user of about 6 months dabbling (from 25yrs AutoCAD, 10yrs SketchUp) and have been ploughing through the course with some limited success as Revit still yet appears to be an unwieldy and uncompromising beast.

So having a small amount of knowledge I've decided to make the leap and commit to using it on a live project. So of course this instantly creates issues which I just cannot get past and was hoping someone could give me some advice on how to get them sorted. 

Bay Window - I'm trying to create a square sided bay window which has 3 intermediate mullions (5 panes), 2 high-level opening lights and 90 deg returns at either side. It sits on top of an external wall (brickwork cavity up to 900mm from DPC) and has a flat roof (no set height). It also has a decorative external coving around the top of the flat roof.

Mock-Tudor gable feature timberwork - Standard British style white infill panels with splayed black truss 'rafters'. The feature only sits within the triangle of the top of the gable. It is brickwork below.

I have almost zero progress on each of these issues so any advice at all would be very much appreciated.

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Hi Simon,

Let's take each of these in turn:-

The Bay Window:

No way around  this- you will have to use the Family Editor to create this window- either from scratch or adapt an exisating family- I think there a generic sqaure bay window in the Libray that ships with Revit. I will be totally honest with you- creating Revit Families is a complete skill set in it's own right. It's well within the grasp of most Revit Users and all the tools you need are included within Revit / Revit LT. It's just not something I could list as a series of bullet points here. I will be producing a seperatye course on Content Creatiion- either right at the end of this year- or (more likely) the start of the new year


The Gable End

The Good News! This is much easier to do- yoy have several options:

1) Model this as an in-place family on top of the gable wall.

2) Use a Curtain Wall / Curtain Panels and Miullions. Create your own custom Mullions to represent the timber and your own custom Curtain Panels for the infill. Embed the curtain wall into the main end wall and lift the base of the curtain wall so that it is only used for the triangular part of the gable wall, under the roof.

Personally, I'd go for the second option.

Hope this helps. Please come back with more questions if needed.

Many thanks,

Kind regards,


Posted : 12/10/2017 10:36 am
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Thanks Ian, much appreciated. I've gone with the generic square bay window and resized it to fit. It'll do for now but tbh I'd like to know how to create/modify items such as this but I opened up the Family Editor for that bay and it looked way too complicated to deal with now.

Looking forward to your upcoming series on content creation. Any chance you might use a square bay with a few mullions, a transom, a couple of high top openers with a tricky profiled sweep around it's perimeter capping as worked example?  😉

Posted : 12/10/2017 2:27 pm

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