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Good morning,

2 questions,

In the introductory it states "To undertake this Unit, it is recommended you start Revit from your desktop" does that mean I should download the 30day free trial software?

I use IOS.  Is this software compatible with the mot recent version?  Do I need to run a compatibility check?

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Posted : 14/11/2017 4:15 pm Ian liked
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I'm not completely clear on your questions- sorry....

-Have you got Revit already? If not,  you can try if free for 30 days from

-You mention "IOS". That is the software for iphones and ipads. Revit will not run on that.

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Posted : 20/11/2017 1:29 pm
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According to this website, one can now run REVIT through a browser window via Frame allowing Mac users to work on REVIT also. I have no idea how it works yet but hope to have time to figure it out in the next couple weeks.

Here's a forum with a user that said it worked well. Again, how it actually works is currently beyond me but not for long.

Posted : 17/02/2018 9:35 pm