Revit Architecture: Embedding Walls

One of the neat features of Autodesk Revit Walls (and there are many) is that they can be embedded within other walls. So for example if you want to create a wall with “feature panels” such as this….   …it’s very easy to do using embedded walls. So let’s go ahead and take a look […]

Revit Architecture: Creating your own Mullions

The Curtain Wall tools in Revit are fantastic. Once you get used to them, you’ll find yourself using Curtain Walls for far more than just the obvious. A major component of Curtain Walls are the Mullions. The default Autodesk Revit Template comes with a small selection of Mullions.     This selection is OK to […]

Revit: Where’s my camera gone?

Everyone love’s Revit’s┬áCamera tool! With just a couple of clicks you can place a camera in a Floor Plan view…. . and have a fairly realistic perspective created for you in a flash….     But what happens if the camera isn’t quite facing in the correct direction? No problem, just switch back to the […]

Revit: Understanding Model and Annotation Crop Regions

When you are creating your model views in Revit, there will many situations where you need to limit the extent of a particular view. For example, in a Floor Plan view, you may wish to just focus in on a single room. This is what Crop Regions are for. They enable you to crop your […]

Revit: Setting the Thumbnail Preview image

One of the great things about Revit’s Launch Screen is that it shows you the last 4 Projects (and Families) that you have been working on. Not only do you get the File Name, but also a lovely Thumbnail Preview image       Also, if you use the “Open” button, you get a thumbnail […]

Revit: Where’s my interface gone?

When you start out using Revit, one thing that will happen to you soon or later (usually ‘sooner’) is that your Properties Palette or Project Browser will disappear and you’ll be left wondering where they’ve gone and (more importantly) how to bring them back! To save you precious minutes (or hours) let me show you […]

Articles are now open for Discussion!

I have received a few emails lately asking why there is not the opportunity to comment on / discuss the tutorials published at BIMscape. Well, after careful consideration I have decided to provide that facility. As of now, all published tutorials and articles allow you leave comments, questions, etc. Please note: To help minimise spam […]

Revit Architecture: Forming a Roof Dormer using Slope Arrows

It is a relatively straightforward procedure to put a basic pitched roof onto your model, in Revit Architecture. The Roof by Footprint tool can be used to detect a chain of external walls and create a pitched roof based on their boundary. But what if we want to create a roof dormer in line with […]

Revit Architecture: Correcting the cut drafting fill patterns in plan views

Have you ever noticed the cut drafting fill patterns in your Revit walls and seen that they are not consistent across the view? Take a look at the image below- look at the outer leaf (which is common brickwork) and note how the drafting fill pattern changes direction, each time the wall changes direction….   […]

Revit Architecture: Aligning Model Fill Patterns

Upon seeing Revit Elevations for the first time, a lot of people make the comment “yes, but the brick courses don’t line up!” They are usually looking at something like this….   As a designer, you would normally expect the red lines to be level (ie the bed course to match the top of the […]