Revit Architecture: Railing Extension Styles

  There is no denying that Revit’s Railing tool is a clever piece of kit. As part of the Stair-creation process, Railings are automatically added (by Revit) to your creations- traversing runs and landings with ease… But let’s take a look at the bottom and top ends of the railings. Not very often (in the […]

Custom Project Browser Organisations in Revit

  A question that comes up quite a lot is “How can I better organise the Project Browser in Revit, to suite the way that I (or my Team) work?” For those just starting out in Revit, The Project Browser is the “Explorer” panel that lists and organises all your Views, Sheets, Legends, Schedules, etc; […]

Yes, Revit can produce a hand-sketched look!

So when it comes to Visual Styles in Revit, we’ve got our choice of Hidden Line, Shaded, etc- basically all the options you are used to seeing in the Visual Styles drop-down menu located in the View Control Bar…   So what if these Styles are all a little too harsh for your liking? What […]

Revit Architecture: Are your Levels black or blue?

When working in an Elevation or Section View, have you ever noticed that some of your Level Heads are coloured blue and some are black? It may not be immediately obvious (especially to the Revit Beginner) where this difference in colour comes from.     Quite simply it’s all down to whether the Level has […]

Revit Architecture: Displacement Sets

Have you ever wanted to produce an exploded cut-away view of part of your model, in order to help explain how the various parts go together? Well if so, Displacement Sets are just for you! The beauty of this tool is that it doesn’t really pull your model apart, but does only “visually” in the […]