Autodesk Revit: Paste Aligned to Selected Levels


Copying elements in a plan view is really straightforward. Select the element you want to copy (ie a door, window, table, etc) , hit the Copy tool…..




……and pick your destination. But what if you need to copy your element(s) vertically in your model. For example, here is my project for an eight storey office block……



You can see that I have already placed the windows for the ground floor (on the elevation facing us) and now I need to replicate this on each floor level. I could just switch to each floor plan in turn and add the windows manually. But Revit has a really slick way of adding these windows to each floor level, all in one hit. This method relies on the advanced Copy & Paste tools found on the Clipboard panel, in the Modify menu…..




In the Paste drop-down menu, their are a range of paste options- for this tutorial, we are just interested in the Aligned to Selected Levels option….


So first of all we need to select the windows we wish to replicate up the full height of our building. We simply fence them all in our ground floor plan view…..


PLEASE NOTE: It is crucial that you do NOT include the window tags in your selection. If you have selected the window tags as well as the windows elements, just use the Filter tool to remove them from the selection. This method ONLY works on model elements and NOT on annotation elements such as tags.

With the windows selected, go ahead and hit Copy to Clipboard on the Clipboard panel….

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